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Webster House believes that employment plays an integral role in an individual’s recovery, and we provide a variety of Employment Services that give our members an opportunity to regain their self-confidence and self-worth by obtaining real jobs for real pay. We believe Employment is a right of membership at Webster House.

All Employment supports are provided through member and staff partnership. Our Clubhouse assists members who are interested in Transitional, Supported, and Independent Employment. We also provide Group Placements for members in need of additional Employment support. Our Clubhouses develop jobs with some of the best businesses and industries in our communities at competitive wages.

Transitional Employment

Transitional Employment (TE) enables members to return to work without going through job interviews or other screening processes. TE provides time-limited, entry-level employment placement with on-the-job training and coverage for absences. TE is ideal for those who are just starting to go back to work, and at completion, provides a recent work history and reference to go onto other work.

Supported Employment

Supported Employment (SE) assists members with obtaining their own permanent job in their field of interest/expertise. Supports can include transportation, job leads, introduction to employer, assistance with training, and benefits counseling. In SE, the Clubhouse maintains a relationship with the employer and member, assisting with job site development and training. The Clubhouse does not provide absence coverage.

Independent Employment

Independent Employment (IE) assists members with finding employment independently. Independent Employment positions are generally secured by the member. Employment supports are as frequent as the member chooses and are provided at the Clubhouse. Members decide if they wish to disclose their relationship with the Clubhouse to the employer. Independent Employment can be full or part-time.

Group Placement

Webster House has relationships with employers, and the work and/or jobs are facilitated through the Clubhouse. The work is done on-site at the business, and members get support from Webster House both on and off-site. Webster House provides on-site staffing at all Group Placements.

Other Support Services

In addition, Webster House provides on-site support services that can include:

  • Career interest evaluation and counseling
  • Job search
  • Resume writing
  • Job application assistance
  • Interviewing skills
  • On-the-job training/coaching
  • Transportation to work
  • Off-site job support
  • Social Security counseling for work incentives and reporting
  • Referrals to Career Centers, Massachusetts Rehabilitation Commission, and other Vocational Assistance Programs
  • Job Club/ Employment Dinners